My name is Jonatas Esteves, I’m an experienced software developer who has just started doing graphics programming for fun, so I created this blog as a journal to document the ride. I may or may not also write about some other more general programming subjects.

Everything here is written based on my current understandings of topics, and I won’t be going back to edit if I’ve made mistakes (though I’m certainly interested in hearing about them if I’ve made any!). Similarly, code snippets posted may not reflect code that eventually gets merged, as I’m just blogging while I solve problems.

Unless otherwise noted, all code examples I write on this blog are released into the public domain under the terms of the Unlicense. What this means in practice is that you can copy and use this code for any purpose without any restrictions. You can use it on your commercial products without owning me anything. If you use substantial parts of my code an attribution would be appreciated, but not required. Have fun with it.

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